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About PIP

One of Técnico established priorities is the updating and adapting of its teaching model and pedagogical practices. In this context, a process of analysis and reflection on its teaching model and pedagogical practices (CAMEPP) was triggered with the aim to define the guidelines for a reorganization of the pedagogical education model of Técnico.

In January 2018, the Técnico‘s Teaching Model and Pedagogical Practices Analysis Commission (CAMEPP) was set up, mandated by the School bodies, to rethink the Técnico‘s pedagogical training model.

The teaching paradigm change is one of the critical points for the success of the Técnico 2122 model, and in February 2018 the first edition of the Pedagogical Innovation Projects – PIP2018 was launched, an initiative, promoted by the Pedagogical Council, with the support of the Scientific Council and the Management Council, with the objective of financing pedagogical innovation projects within the scope of curricular units (UC) taught at IST and promoting the implementation of innovative pedagogical methodologies and active learning with a positive impact in the update and adaptation in the pedagogical education model of Técnico.

The Pedagogical Innovation Projects (PIP) are held annually and support the efforts of teachers, providing small amounts of funding to help equip, design and implement new initiatives.

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