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PIP 2022

The PIP2022 received 19 proposals and the following projects with an impact on improving the teaching and learning of Técnico students were financed.

The list of funded projects is as follows:

Project Coordinator
SALabs@Home Alexandre Bernardino
 ScientIST SENSORS Ana Fred
Projeto REx Anderson Maciel
Control-Labs@Home  Alexandre Bernardino
Simulador de Voo Carlos Fernandes
STEP Gonçalo Figueira
PlasmaLAB Horácio Fernandes
VIENA João Fernandes
PROS João Sequeira
Aprender Genética Leonilde Moreira
DTwinMin Maria Amélia Dionísio
Flipped Learning Miguel Mira da Silva
Instrument Auto Learning Pedro Assis
Rede IoT Pedro Vítor
Engenharia Química 5.0 Pedro Mendes


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