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PIP 2020

The PIP2020 received 23 proposals and 9 projects were financed projects with an impact on improving the teaching and learning of Técnico students.

The complete list of funded projects is as follows:

Project Coordinator
ScientIST-NOTES Ana Fred
Heroic Journey in Machine Learning Ana Moura Santos
Touch on Chemistry Dulce Simão
LabVRMin – Virtual Reality Laboratory for  natural resources exploration Gustavo Paneiro
Lab@Home: Home-based laboratories to support practical and experimental teaching in a context of reduced or nonexistent face-to-face contact João Sanches
Reliability improvements and implementation of new learning models in E-LEARN@DEEC João Nuno Silva
MOOC-based course co-created with students Miguel Mira da Silva
EV-EnerEff: Students Competition for the Best Electric-Car Journey: a Teaching Case for Learning Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Paulo Branco

Microfluidics by students for students: the use of audiovisuals as a didactic resource

Vânia Silvério
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